Friday, June 23, 2006

Get A Real Job!

What defines a real job? It is something I deal with on a daily basis. I'll be honest. Motherhood. Real Job. No Pay..but the realest job there is. Teaching. It is what I have done since I graduated college. It has it's perks. Off when the children are home. Summer vacation is a huge perk. Pay..well..not so much of a perk. I do not know many teachers that leave their work at school..there are so many un-accounted for possesses are connected to your students..and their families for 9.5 months of the year. It is taxing..fulfilling..hard. Preppy Potato. I think of it as a job. I wish others in my family did as well. Pay. Profit. Work vs Free time. All these questions I battle in my head. You are only successful as you last sale. The promise of something big around the corner...the emotional ups and downs of putting yourself out there..getting noticed..or going un-noticed. A dream to create and live by creating. It is a compelling drive. At what price?

Sometimes I wish I was created to do one thing..and I do not think I was. How can these "jobs" work side by side?


I know there are women out there that relate to me. Maybe one or two that admire me. I tell you what..ask me any question about balance and some days I can spurt off a great answer..even honest..and some days today..I would tell you to just stay away from the tempatation of "starting something of your own". Unless you have the support..I mean 100% support of people around you b/c if you don't it will be the biggest stress you ever dreamed of...and you will get tired of proving yourself to people who are blind.

Today I am hiding from everyone..not answering my calls or my emails..I am going to take the girls to the pool..clean the house..and shut the world out...unless that is..I get a big order.:-)


Sugar said...

I hear you Jen. Been there. Didn't get the support. Went a little crazy. The highs, the lows the worries and the frustrations can overwhelm you some days. I had to give it up. And some days I actually contemplate diving in again. But then I come to my senses. But your business is precious. You manage to have origingality and heart. I too wage all those things in my mind. Its called a conscience. Good mothers have one. I appreciate you. If it weren't for cute lines like yours I would have to retire as a shopalholic. So, like Scarlet says in Gone With the Wind (I'm from Atlanta)...Tomorrow is another day. Hope its good to you.

jennifer m. said...

Thank you. It has been a long day. Sometime my blog is my therapy..get it out there..say it and move on.

I have layers. I think women need to see the realness in is what helps them. I am not about show. A little honesty is good..good for everyone involved. Tommorrow is so another day..thank God for all the re-do's and the start overs.

There are a lot of challanges we all face.

Today I swam with my girls and taught them how to do the back stroke..showed off my under-water handstand..and did a few back flips for them in the "deep end" then my oldest said.."I didn't know you were a champion swimmer"..haha

Thank you thank you for your kind words. I do this b/c i love it..but I also write about it for the "record"...