Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ode to 8 years

So on Tuesday this week I will have been married for 8 years. I think this to be amazing.seeing how do not seem a day older..or act a day older than the moment I said "I do"..(ok..I may look a tiny bit older)...ok..I act older too..

We go married on June 27th. I planned the wedding long distance.. picked the Church a block away from my parent's home.. used the only florist we had in town.. Somebody who knew somebody..knew how to play the piano. My sister sang a song (she rocks on this end)..and 80 some odd people...pretty much family filled the circa 1780 church at 10 am. in the morning.

The town had to cancel their bi-centenial parade scheduled for the day..b/c of our wedding..and it was just a great day.

We flew to Switzerland the same that was beautiful!!!

I showed my little girls the wedding album today..and found the headpiece I wore at my little one tried to go to bed with it on her head just now...

What one can accomplish in eight little girls..a home that we love..a life that is good.

I always tell the girls I teach (the high-schoolers) to marry smart. I told my friend that the other day..that I said that to them..and she cracked up..but I think it is marry someone you marry your best marry someone with the same values..but you need to marry smart too. make the best decision you can..b/c it should be a life long committment..marry someone who feels as strong as you do about that...

ok..enough marriage advice..


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