Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Suit Up.

I just bought these..the bathing suits that is.. I also bought a cute cover up for the beach trip we are taking on Monday.

I finally have a new laptop. I am mobile again..I love my desk top..but I hate being confined to a certain work station. I need to "make the computer mine"..set up my email accounts..and then I will feel comfortable. Last night, my twin sister, who also got a new laptop..called me and we put the cameras we could see each other..which was so cool b/c I got to see the new baby..who I have never met..

My hubby bought me a gift certificate for our anniversary..I bought him two swimsuits..which he has not yet convinced me he is keeping..:-)...

Playdates all around this afternoon....

Taking photos of some additional belts today..and then shipping 25 new ones to a friend of mine who will represent them at the Gift Market in Atlanta.


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