Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do You Rainbow?

So I have had my "Rainbow" flip flops for about a year and a half or so. They litterally are the most comfortable summer shoes I own. I think they lack in the "pretty" department..but for whatever reason people dig them down here...and I am sure everywhere else.. well not everywhere..b/c my really "with it" sister had no idea about them last summer when I wore them up North to the beach. She tried to convince me it was all about her "Reef's"..but I wasn't buying it.

I recently bought a pair for each of my little ones..and I have to tell you they look so cute on their little feet..


ker said...

I love my rainbows!! I live in the south and they've been pretty big here for a while. Also, I love your blog!!

jennifer m. said...

It is a cult.. one of my best friends just bought the new blue adorable..

Thanks about the blog too..