Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pool Fashion Advice.

I am such a sucker for the summer. It sounds dramatic to say.."I live for it" I won't. :-)

I know a lot of people dread bathing suit season. But we live in a modern world. Go get spray tanned. Like everyone looks silly on Memorial Day in their "get-ups". I plan on getting spray tanned this weekend. I know..quite vain..and sooo sooo temporary. But I hate to be all leggy white on the first official pool weekend.

I feel like every year the swim suits get better. Where I live..Target puts them out in the front of the store in January..and I have been known to buy one or two of these then. But.. J.Crew has the best mix and match..and they brought back the skirt bottom combo thing that has been missing from their pages for the last couple of months. I think I may go with a navy two piece...or yellow. I have to get their madras driving hat too.

Speaking of Hats..

If you know me, you know I retired my pink baseball hat and traded up to a tan baseball hat with my monogram on it in sky blue font. I recently bought a brighter pink baseball hat and had my monogram done in green..but I have lost it. ? I love hats. I hate doing my I love my hats. At last count I have 4 baseball hats (I use this term sports writing or anything..) and 5 sun hats. And two of my sun hats have matching tote bags... But I have been having dreams about the J.Crew madras hat..I need this.

My other thoughts tonight.. if anyone cares..the Lilly Pulitzer swim dress...this is a smart buy. I know I know...a dress?.. I bought a swim dress 4 years is a Lilly..and I take it out when I am feeling a bit "country club". I get more compliments on this thing..(mostly from women). I have to say..they are so flattering. I am usually a two piece girl and I do not dig tankini's (sp?).. I just do not. I have a problem with the tankini's and then the skirts..I think it is the break of the two pieces that creates a "line" in the center of women..that I just think looks funny. But I would suggest a swim dress. It is clean..with no horizontal lines..

I usually go pink or green with my suits. Last year I bought a blue seersucker one...but this year, I think I may go kind of nautical with a red and white stripe...

Ok then...

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