Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Admit Defeat!

So today was pretty busy. After dropping off child #2 at preschool..I headed in my Volks Wagon (Passat Station Wagon) Silver with black leather...tricked out Mommy this fabric warehouse I mentioned earlier. This place is huge..and it is great for many things..but you can get lost in it..I swear..and if you do not go with a can forget it.

I wanted some kind of soft suede..was really open to whatever I might have stumbled upon. But alas..they had them there..and I could not even afford it at wholesale I must admit defeat. I walked away from the "Suede section" with a heavy heart.

What I did get?
Four new fabrics..

What I still need?
Some kind of great black print or fabric of sorts.

It is almost like I am buying my fabrics for different purposes. In my mind I know what could get photographed. I lean in that direction. On the other side, I know what people would actually spend. So I create two different ideas..and try to make them both seem appealing. But in the is what one can afford to invest in a line that has not even been introduced to a public.

People have no idea the cost of business. I have gone and done this rant I will save it. If they understood how difficult it was to actually make money as an independent designer...I am not talking making this and that and selling it at your local craft show..I mean..when Nordstroms comes to you and says .."We want X". Well..they want "X" on their terms..for their price..and sometimes you eat the eat the eat the eat it all..until possibly 30 days after the sale..which you may get paid..or it may be 45 Days net or 60 Days net. And the last time I swam with the big head was bitten off and I am still owed $12,000.00..which I may never see...

So when you swim with the with the big sharks.. you better act like you can handle it. Do you have thousands of dollars to upfront a big order?


But I like my new line up of Fall (1) and Fall (2)..I hope the public does too.

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