Wednesday, May 17, 2006

All In a Day

Oy! Lots to do today.

1. I am hosting my sister in law's baby shower in a the invites just came in from the I have to address and send this morning. (55 of them)

2. I am calling on a new contact this morning for a possible sale for a tournament gift bag. This one is big..and is it NO way mine (yet) I have to have my "A" game on ..:-)

3. The checks I was supposed to write yesterday will happen today.

4. I swear if I do not clean ..or start to clean my windows..I will not be able to see out of them here shortly (not really..I am dramatic)

5. My children are actually going to be in a photo shoot for a baby line here in town this afternoon.

6. I have 2 more belts to photograph myself for my new FALL 2 line..and I am eagerly awaiting a proto-type for a leather..yes..leather belt. My manufacture said today she should have I am going to see if I can not get a digital image or something sent to me..This is exciting for me.

7. I think I will shower too.:-)

Okay..another day here at this residence. Hope it is a good one for you.

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