Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Picture Perfect

So I wrote the list of things to do this morning..and I am pleased to say that I accomplished most. Windows?..what windows..those did not get touched...what a fleeting moment that idea was.

I had a great conversation with the girl who is coordinating the golf event...and they really like my product..and I am in the running for sure. I think we are talking an order near 400 pieces. But I never count my chickens before they hatch so to speak. I am also working on an order for a large sorority in the South..and that would be upwards to 83 tote bags...that is pretty much a go..just working on the purchase order. So all in all a good day on the work front.

It is always great when orders come in from online...and with the free monograms this is hopping. So I am tickled to death about that.

The girls did a great job at the photo shoot. My neighbor and friend has a baby/toddler line..and she staged some outdoor activities for a photographer to come and shoot the product on the kids. It wasn't even my photo shoot but I came home and popped the cork on a bottle of wine. That photographer deserves a big pay check...but all in all it was pretty smooth. Picture perfect!

The Game Plan for tonight:
1. drink some more wine. :-)
2. watch American Idol.

Speaking of American Idol...does anyone have an opinion on who should win. I dig his voice..and love a person who has a love for life..and does not go to the "beat of the norm". But Catherine (sp?) is SUPER SUPER SUPER talented and has a beautifully trained and controlled voice. WOW. Last night was sooo great for her..not to mention she can work the camera with her eyes alone. My sister, the prude, thinks she dresses too revealing. I say work it "sista" love love a girl who is not a size 6!!!!!!!!!! and very much feels beautiful in her skin. Love the new age of beauty..and we can say cheers while we are on the topic to the people behind DOVE products..for helping to change our minds on that one.

So the Cannes Film Festival is going on. Last year we were a part of the celebrity baskets..which was fun. We had 50 belts done in traditional French Toile fabrics for the event. I have mixed ideas about free celebrity products..but that is besides the point. Can not wait to see the Da Vinci Code..loved the book..but the reviews have been mixed on the film so far.

Night folks.

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