Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Child Labor

I have a five year old. She is actually almost six. I am on a quest to teach her the value of dollar. We live in a particularly nice part of town..in fact we are faced on a daily basis with sometimes over the top wealth. I do not say this for anyone to think we are loaded because we are not. But the fact of the matter is that everything is very beautiful compared to many places. Beautiful homes, cars, shopping centers, people..all of it..

So it presents difficult "teachable moments".

We decided together to fill up a baby bottle with coins she earned during the day. The money collected will go to a local charity that provides shelter and love to very young Moms with new babies. I say all this because she worked hard this afternoon. She "vacuumed" ...(well kind of), she dusted the downstairs and the upstairs, she organized my laundry into piles: Mommy's, Daddy's, Her's and Bathroom. I also taught her how to match up the socks and fold them.

I am sooo proud of her. On the way to bed..she looks at me as we passed the chaotic playroom and says.. "I will clean that up for the babies tomorrow."

If only I could get the four year old to follow suit. :-) Wishful thinking.

Ps..we also play the "Quiet Game" in the car for pennies...what can I say..I need silence from time to time.

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