Tuesday, April 04, 2006

To Suede or Not to Suede

So I hear the Northerners like their suede in the winter time. At least that is what my MI rep informed me of today. Leather and suede. Now I understand that most of my sales in the winter are Resort type towns..I truly do..so does one develop a line so completely away from their roots to impress Michigan. Or is this what one does to make a mark on the market in general.

We are soooo use to Target prices that we can not fathom a designer to actually stay domestic. Does anyone have a friggin idea what leather and suede wholesales for..not to mention I use strips ladies and gentlemen..not whole hides..so how does one recoup their money on this adventure into raw hide?..Does anyone know what port (from Italy) fees and out of country shipping costs?

So the budget fashionista did a little "give-away" from us..oh like back in October..so I googled myself and noticed her site came up..and under her promo on us..some Daniella chick gauks at the price of a $66.00 belt...ripping apart the budget fashionista as if she was sooo ridiculous to even mention anything over $15.00 on her site. and then states that we are like some craft store find..or something along the lines of how she could make what I make for $4.00. I say all this not b/c I am mad..I state all this b/c we have been fed SUPER SIZE meals for $2.00..and DOLLAR STORE GALORE ..crap..and no offense to my beloved TARGET..but we are CHEAP. And we do not care if things are made in the STATES..so back to my original point..after all the investment in animal hide..where does it get me..Michigan?..

Do you see my point on the suede thing?..anyone..? anyone?

I have to put this magical mind to work..and think on how I can accomadate and yet stay true to my inner design thing. and if I have spelling errors in here..just roll your eyes and move on..:-)

over and out.

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