Saturday, March 22, 2008

He is risen indeed

Happy Easter everyone.

If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: You can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there. You can nail it to a cross, wrap it in winding sheets, and shut it up in a tomb, but it will rise. -Clarence W. Hall

Events of the day:

-Lilly turned 6. (birthday party is next weekend). This morning she woke up and climbed into my lap and I just sobbed. I am so blessed she is in our lives. She is the funniest little creature I have ever laid eyes on. She has always been an old soul who is smart beyond her years. She is a devilish delight.

-I got in a car accident about 1.5 hours ago. I am fine. My first ever. The girls were not in the car. It was not my fault. The car is bad though. I am stunned, but all is well. Of all things... the wife of a personal injury lawyer hit me. OOOuuch.. I think my neck hurts a little. :-).. and my back.

-For those of you who live in Charlotte. My friend told me about a little store in Charlotte. It is called the Brass Exchange. On Selwyn Ave. I always thought it was a music store. Nope. It is an adorable home store. Check it out.


hot potato said...

happy easter.

happy birthday, lil'.

happy to hear you are okay after accident.

happy shopping.

lisagh said...

Thank goodness you are alright.

Happy Easter!

Shell in the City said...

Happy Easter! Love the pictures of the girls! Thanks for the info on the Selwyn Ave. store. I will check it out. I hope you recover from the accident. I know from experience how they shake you up! Glad no one was seriously hurt.

SPARKY said...

glad to hear you are alright. your sis told me about it yesterday. what a way to start a day. i'm just thankful God was protecting you. easter morning two of our teens fromthe youth group, on their way from church, flipped their car on the way home. literally just feet from the parking lot. our whole church prayed. they had to cut the kids out of the car. neither of them went home with not one injury. God is good. looks like his hand was on a lot of us this weekend.

hqm said...

Happy birthday, Lilly!!! I understand the sobbing...I want to cry everytime I really look at my did I get so lucky?

Southern Mom said...

Glad you are ok! There is also a Brass Exchange in Blowing Rock. It is super cute and the prices are good too.

The Mrs. said...

So glad you're okay!!!! Your daughter sounds amazing!