Sunday, March 30, 2008

7 days and counting

i have set a goal for myself. my taxes will be done in 7 days. my husband says he needs a week to then figure out what i have done .. so that we can enter together.

see this is the thing. it is time to let some of this go. why am i doing this myself? why you ask? because i do not mind doing it.. i just do it all at once and that makes it overwhelming. why do i wait to the end? i have no time. so i ask myself again.. why am i doing this myself? mark my words. i will pay someone next year for sure. i use to have someone do it for me, and then i got slammed by an account (large large bad bad account) who nearly took everything from me.. and i could not afford someone to do my taxes and then i just got in the habit of doing it myself.

i have been doing this in my jammies since early this afternoon.


hot potato said...

you are funny.

P in VT said...

I did mine yesterday... it only took 4 hours. :)

Shell said...

Good Luck! I can sympathize. I have been working on our taxes for a week.

Elizabeth H. said...

My CPA is in Charlotte and I LOVE her!!!!