Friday, July 27, 2007

hi all


been busy on this end. what is with summer time being busy? getting my classroom ready, helping some with VBS, and getting everything ready for accessories the show. time consuming. organizing samples, shipping out product, printing line sheets, making sure all things are done..

on the school front, i have been thinking about the curriculum, reading through the textbooks, re-arranging and cleaning my classroom, decorating the walls, and trying to figure out what i want to send home as far as first day of school memos... :-)

i find out in a week who my little 3rd graders will be. did i not tell you.. yes, i will be teaching 3rd grade. i know i told you i got a new job.. but alas.. it is with little ones. a change from my high school kids from the last 7 years.

i find my philosphy about education has changed some since having children of my own. i just have to figure out how that translates everyday with my students. the atmosphere at this school is a bit more traditional than my last school which was quite progressive in their approach to education. i will be working closely with a team a teachers.. and i will have a full time aid.. something i have never had in the 12 years i have taught. so there are some major adjustments going to happen over the next couple of weeks .. and hopefully i will not disappoint myself or others in the process. i think that is what i am really afraid of.

I like to always do my best. it is something i have had to pray about. nothing wrong with doing a good job... nothing wrong with doing a knock your socks off job... something wrong with feeling bad if i don't do it right - right away. i think this stems from being pretty much "average" my whole life. :-) can anyone relate.

when i was growing up, i always felt i was really special. but no one treated me like i was exceptional at anything. i remember when i graduated, i was one of those students who earned a scholarship. i remember the librarian (think south american missionary kind of lady).. came up to me in the "receiving line" and said. "wow.. i didn't think you would get a scholarship." yes, i know.. she was wrong.. i looked at her, and said. "what, you didn't think i was smart enough?" i remember her looking all "taken aback" that i said that to her face after she insulted me.. and thus i really think the quest to "stand out" began.

it is like i have never stoped trying to prove something to someone.

doesn't everyone want to be good at something?

i got issues ladies. :-)


workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do. I don't really need the money but I personally have this guilt thing going that I need to work in order to be blessed with nice things. My friends tell me to sit and eat bon bons but i can't . Does this mean we are over achievers?

sas said...

I don't know how you do it. I feel like I have a lot on my plate teaching kindergartners full time, president of JWL, and I don't even have kids. You run a great business on top of that! Congrats on your new job. Check out my last post. I posted pictures of my classroom.

jennifer m. said...

i know i spelled "stopped" wrong :)
but i have bigger fish to fry. Last night our house got hit by lightning. We are assessing the damage today. It looks like the damage is electrical. I am typing this via my iPhone so we will see if I can post this comment or not.

We do know our upstairs air unit and air compessor is out and the printer and fax machine is fried.

We had the gas company out late last night to check for any gas leaks. We reclined the seats in the car and moved the girls outside to sleep until we got the ok to come back in

I will write more later.

Caelum-Amo said...

3rd graders, huh? So you got sick of us highschoolers, eh? ;-) I wish you the best of luck.

P in VT said...

Average? Please. I'm sure after your first year every matriculating 3rd grader will be praying to have "Ms. Mull" :)

sle said...

J. Hope all your electrical problems are working out ok!