Tuesday, July 24, 2007

cute as a button.

i found this picture on style court's blog. she was mentioning how to decorate with trophies. apparently, the flowers here have been placed in one. um.... i am more interested in the button cookies.

how adorable. (off topic sort of..lilly, my youngest put a button in her nose on memorial day two years ago.... and if this ever happens to you the pediatrician does not have the large "instrument" to remove objects from noses... only the e.r. does)...


finally vacation bible school has arrived... this IS the week... last month i was sort of having problems with my dates.. but needless to say the week is here.. and i can not believe, for me, the summer is almost over. i start my new job on august 13. i am excited about starting.. i just am not excited about the time i need to get up in the morning... my natural "start time" is 7:30... that is when my mind agrees it is Ok to get up.... and the summer has really spoiled me...


in all honesty, i am a little nervous about the accessories show in new york. yesterday i "rented" shelves...what a rip off... i know i should not be nervous, i can not control the outcome... i just am... i have a few more things i need to do to get "ready"..


i saw the movie "sicko" list weekend. i think michael moore has an obvious agenda, but it is thought provoking... but i do think it is a little ridiculous to blame one political party on the direction our country has taken ... in regards to health care.


have a good day everyone.



Libby said...

No way is the current state of health care the fault of one party and not the other- it has been a group effort. ;)

Happy vacation bible school week and best of luck in New York.

Donovan Beeson said...

As a former "inserter of buttons into the nose," I predict great things in your daughter's future. [According to my mother, I inserted it right after she said, "Don't put that button in your nose."]

hot potato said...

love the pic. yes, i can see why you love the edible buttons.