Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break Kick Off

i got my hair done this weekend. Now i am rock-star Jen again. As i paid a rock-star price..i should look good.

Spring break is this week and i have set 5 goals.

1. taxes (i am done .. pretty much).. just have to get an accountant to sign off and then send in.

2. clean studio.

3. photoshop the new Fall 2007 headband photos.

4. create new linesheet for headbands

5. land a few new accounts.


big plans... but mostly just want to enjoy this "break" and hang out with my girls. one had spring break a couple of weeks ago.. but one will be home with me...

along with the above.. the week looks like this:

1. youngest is going to the "farm" today with some friends

2. oldest is having a play date here with a friend today

3. lunch with husband and youngest on wed. afternoon

4. egg hunt at oldest classroom on wed. afternoon

5. two easter programs at oldest school from 8 am till 10 am

6. no school for oldest on friday

7. easter hunt at in-laws club and lunch on sat.

8. church on sunday. family re-union on husband's side sunday afternoon...

easter hunt 2006.

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