Monday, April 02, 2007

Attn: New York City Girls. Help Wanted / Needed

I am considering filling out the applicataion for the Shecky's Event in New York. It starts June 26th (Tuesday) and goes until June 30th (Saturday).

The times are 4:00 pm till approx. 10:30 each night.

My problem?

I want to go.. but will be unable to attend all 5 days.. so I am looking for some help.

I need a reliable, trustworthy girl (or two) to staff the event Tuesday-Thursday night. I would obviously pay for your time.. but I would need a strong committment from someone. Not a..."that sounds like fun.. maybe" kind of committment.

I thought I would throw this idea out here on my blog and see if anyone knows anyone who would be willing.. (only trustworthy canditates here)...

Please contact me ASAP if you think this would be something you would like. Bascially you would have access to the show, there is music, beverages... and tons of shopping... most likely I would like you there appox. 30 minutes before the show each night.. and you would be responsible to set up for the event as well. Seeing how I would like to attend on the weekend.. I will take down the show.. and ship back to the studio the product that remains.

I would not throw you into the areana without prepping you and preparing you.. but from what I understand this is super busy and fun show.

Location: The Puck Building

Any takers?
email me at:


Libby said...

Boy, do I wish I was an NYC girl!

jennifer m. said...

I wish you were too.. Libby.

KER said...

If you decide to do anything in Atlanta, you can count on me, I just love your stuff!!!

jennifer m. said...

Ker: funny you should mention this.. b/c if we sign up for Shecky's New York.. we are going to do Atlanta too.. the event is in the Fall... You in?



The Fall is already starting to book up for me.. and I do not like to travel and leave my girls for any period of time.. so if you are wiling and able... I would hire you for the event.

jilly said...

I lived in NYC for 18 years, my two best friends there are both event planners and I love them dearly, let me ping them and see if they are available but they are just up your alley! I wish I still lived there I would do it in a heartbeat. Our Shecky's event is here next Thursday, I am looking forward to it. I was also going to talk to you about doing a trunk show. . .

E said...

Hey Jen, the Boston event already passed by but it's annual - so if you're into doing that next year I'd definitely be interested in helping. FYI the Boston Shecky's girls night out was MOBBED. I mean, absolutely packed and sold out. Good luck with NYC!