Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Style. Your Look. And other Fun items.

Hi guys.

I feel like I have not talked to my best friend(s) here in a few days. My last day of class is tomorrow. I am so glad to be done teaching for awhile.. but with the end of the year comes lots of grading and all.. so I have been down in "average land".
Other great news is that we will be in "In Style".. their "Your Look" edition the "style book" that is out on stands for three months.. kind of edition. ( i will post picture of belt being featured later ) I think it will be out on stands June 8th. I love In Style. It was great for us last year...
We had a "sleep over" last night. One of my friends needed me to watch her little one as she went in to be "induced" for their second child. They have tried for 4 years or so for this little blessing.. all I can say is that I am tired... lots of giggles and running around upstairs when they should have been catching some "z's".
My belt fixtures were delivered today. You know those silly department store "belt" pieces with all the prong things.. well.. I jumped on the band wagon of some that were being made for "Rocca Wear"... did I get that right?... don't know how I managed that.. but none the less they are here and ready to go into the studio... I think I need to paint them to my liking.. they do not have the other "people's" logo over them.. and really the design is kind of compact and simple.. so I am pretty happy.
My little neice is one today. Happy Birthday baby Presleigh!!!!

Little bit of rambles.. more when I can get over here.



Jessica Nell said...

congrats on InStyle :) ps im back to blogging!

Southern Sugar said...

thats great about in style! go jen!

Kimberly said...

WOOHOO!!! Great news!

Broady said...

The girls look so cute in front of the new ride! A friend sent me this link to a You Tube clip called "Mom My Ride", it's a spoof of MTV Pimp My Ride. It's pretty funny, I'm sure you can relate!