Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have this friend. I adore her. She is my heart.. and soul. Yesterday.. I had this post about "words". One word that would describe me.

She ended my day by emailing me one word. She has no idea (well maybe some b/c we talk all the time) the impact she has on my life. How I value her thoughts and ideas.. and her friendship. She is sad right now... because of a family tradgedy... but she amazes me b/c she talks about hope. I am blown away. She believes in goodness. She has the stongest faith... and even during this time.. when so many people would possibly have many questions about "faith" and the point of it... she is steadfast.

She sent me a one word email. It read:


I share this with you because I am humbled at the thought of being a "blessing" to someone.

She is 10X's the blessing to me...and countless others.


I love you my dear friend. May God heal your heart.


ADN said...


Meg said...

It's such a gift to have a friend like that...and to be able to express your feelings, too.

Yours must be the true two-sided friendship, where you can lean on each other, taking turns, when you each need it most. That's such a gift! And a blessing.

I hope your friend is doing Ok.

hqm said...

It IS a blessing to have a friend that you can lean on, laugh with, cry with, celebrate with, be "stupid" with and never feel judgement. I have several "GO TO GIRLS" and cherish their friendship and loyalty. I am sure just knowing, you are in her corner, is such a comfort!