Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tee'd Off

Just kidding.

Every now and again we have an account who doesn't want to pay. Just stops answering calls.. doesn't respond to faxes or emails..

I swear I hate this part. They are always the accounts who are "given" terms under the guise that they are "good" accounts and their background has been checked.. blah blah.

After a while I just start to get mad. It's those accounts too that place an order with a credit card and you go to run it and it says "declined" every day of the month you try..

SO advice to myself and to those who are starting in this business.

1. Only take credit cards. No terms.
2. Check backgrounds (Ask for other lines a store carries and call them to see if they pay their bills on time)
3. Include an interest clause on your purchase orders..
4. Find the name of a bill collector.



hqm said...

I don't blame you for being angry!
Some good advice, too! Thanks!

Mrs. P said...

That is just wrong. How are the kids?

jennifer m. said...

kiddos .. knock on wood .. are doing well.



i was supposed to have my clutches on monday. (of last week) so i will let you know mrs. p when they come in and post some photos right away.. i know that is what you want with your prize money.


Mrs. P said...

Thanks you are the best!

CC said...

I love the new belt with the tee! Are those on your website yet??


a.elizabeth said...

love, love, love the tee'd off belt! Gotta have it! if u get a chance to check out my blog, i have some golfer paintings on it!

jennifer m. said...

a. elizabeth.

love those golfer pictures. very nice. you have great taste.


belt is now online under country club collection. more coming tonight or tomorrow