Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So I got this note from a sweet girl named Caroline in VA. It is posted below. I appreciation to her... for taking the time out to make my day brighter...I am offering:

Coupon Code online is: caroline

15% off of total.
exspires: ? have not decided.


if you have problems.. let me know via email. sometimes coupon codes which are set up in "beta" have kinks.. but i tried it before i posted and it works.


Hi Jen,

Kudos to you on your fantastic designs on Preppypotato.com!

As a busy mom of an active 3 yr old boy, I have recently discovered that wearing a headband makes me look put together whether I am running to the gym after preschool drop-off or meeting girlfriends for lunch. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for stylish headbands that are not $50 and up at my favorite department store (Nordstroms). I came upon your website by accident and I am floored by ALL your products! They are so ME. The fabrics are luscious. I want them ALL, but I will pace myself! :-)

I hope your business will continue to thrive. Best of luck. I just wanted to send you an email and tell you how happy I am to have found your website.

Midlothian, VA


MTW said...

Just placed my first Preppy Potato order today! Can't wait to get MY headband!!!! I'll be forwarding your site onto my girlfriends...Thanks for helping me to look put-together as I run to Target, Publix and carpool.

onehotpotato said...

go preppy potato go! i wish you all the success with your awesome company. i also direct people all the time to your website. just wait, someday real soon you'll be landing accounts that will make you a household name. they'll be calling my house just trying to get the scoop on you!