Sunday, February 18, 2007


Of coarse this where the baby doll's shoes go.


hqm said...

Too cute! I am impressed that your girls line up their own shoes, not to mention their doll's. We are always on the hunt for missing shoes in this house. We have been searching for a purple patent leather clog for at least two weeks now. Where would you hide if you were a purple patent leather clog?

Lorilu said...

Very Cute! I love how their little doll shoes had to be lined up with theirs.

mad muthas said...

don't they make crocs for dollies yet? what a gap in the market

jennifer m. said...

hqm. went over to your site. i love your bags.. very pretty.

purple clog.. not sure.. but we had a little turtle go missing for near 10 weeks.. and found him alive in a mitten.