Friday, February 16, 2007


Busy here in this neck of the woods.. not to mention how cold it has been... yuck.

Many questions about when the clutch will be available.. It looks like it will be available this week coming up. Once I recieve the products.. I will photograph them and put them up on line.

Thinking about launching the clutch with a "daily deal".. knocking off the price to kick this new product off.

Other than that the day was filled with silly errands.. ending with a 3 hour play date.

My oldest says she has a tummy ache.. so I will need to watch this one.. nothing worse then a "middle in the night" episode which includes stripping the bed linens and a bowl.. if you know what I mean.

Had a request form an established rep in the DC area that I'm excited about.. so we will see. Nothing yet.. but this is a huge goal of mine to line up good sales people to work this angle.

Anywho... photo-shopped about 6 new photos for the Fall 2007 line this morning. Anyone who has ever done this before.. knows the time involved is ridiculous. I need to do about 15 more to get the "line" looking good.

Icons for the Fall:

polo player
sail boat
modern palm tree
scottie dog

Colors for Fall:


That's all for now..

New Lilly account in CA came through today too.. cross your fingers for more of those.. In the Pink passed on us two seasons ago. but would love to land them...maybe some day... when we are famous. haha.


Southern Sugar said...

How could In the Pink pass on you?! I am a fine conissuer (sp?)of belts and when I saw them at market in Atlanta a few years ago I flipped! They are the cutest belts anywhere. How 'bout C. Orrico? I know a girl who works there thats a buyer for them...mhhmmm.

melissa c said...

I agree with S Sugar - C. Orrico in Palm Beach. I shop there often :)
Looking forward to that scottie dog :)


sarah said...

I can't wait for the clutch!!! :)

Lisagh said...

Sail boat?! Sail boat?! Now we're talking... Looks like it's almost time for Leesie to throw her "no more shopping online" rule in the trash. Yay!

STL Sarah said...

Can't WAIT to see the sailboat and scottie dogs!

onehotpotato said...

good ideas! i am looking forward to how they turn out. although i don't live in FL i have been a few times to C. Orrico in Palm Beach--you are good enough to be in that store!

have a great weekend--hopefully you'll get some time to yourself--without work!

Preppy Wedding said...

The fall line sounds GREAT!