Saturday, January 06, 2007

I have been "tagged".

A-Available or single? married.
B-Best Friends? my husband, my twin sister, "CB", my friend Colleen.
C-Cake or pie? cookies and icecream
D-Drink of choice? coffee
E-Essential item I use everyday? laptop
F-Favorite colors? favorite right now: navy and apple green and white.
G-Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? mike and ike's.. or chocolate.
H-Hometown? millbury, ma
I-Indulgence? designer denim.
J-January or February? february
K-Kids and names? two. madison and lilly
L-Life is incomplete girls
M-Marriage date? june 27 1998
N-Number of siblings? 1 older brother, one twin sister.
O-Oranges or apples? apples
P-Phobias or fears? failure.
Q-Favorite quote? opportunity may be disguised as hard work.
R-Reason to smile? my faith, my family, knowing who i am.. and what i love to do.
S-Season? summer
T-Tag? beth
U-Unknown fact about me: i earned a "D" in geography in college. i was also put on probation in college for not doing my "required community service" the entire time i was there... resulting in 2 months of "urban camp" volunteering the summer before my senior year.
V-Vegetable that you don't like? turnip
W-Worst habit? sooo unorganized. i have multiple "tools" to keep me organized... do they work. they haven't yet.
Y-Your favorite food? mexican.
Z-Zodiac? i am the fish.


Elizabeth H. said...

Turnips? No one likes them. Ick!

Kimberly said...

Millbury is such a cute town!

STL Sarah said...

I got a D in college geography too! And yet, both of us managed to do ok in the real world. Go figure.