Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Sorry.

"I'm sorry... we have no record of that package.. why...yes, we already charged your UPS account.. and yes, .. we understand you have anxious customers waiting for these.." CLICK.

So you have charged my account for a package(s) we sent out.. but you have no record of the package being shipped.. or delivered.. so you charged me for a "phantom package(s)".

And yes.. emails.. polite so far.. have come in.. and so have the phone calls.




"Um... is this um preppppy potato..?"


"Can you track my package"

""Yes. What is your order #?"

"My what?"... "I don't know...?.. Can I call you back?"


"In the meantime.. can you track my package?"

Holiday Hell is upon me. :-)

1 comment:

Jessica Nell said...

monogram momma seems to be having similar problems. i have too! these phantom packages are running off to vegas together and spending the money we paid for them - thats my theory at least.