Thursday, November 09, 2006

So My Blogger Has Been Acting Up...

I did not even notice until the girls in my Design class.. said..."What's wrong with your blog?"

So it looked funny .. I was told for a couple of days.. I just had not noticed.. b/c .. well.. had not posted...

So tomorrow is the first day of the Junior League show here in town. They say these women can shop.. so we will see if that holds true..:-)

Other than that.. Redbook Magazine was looking for a credit this way.. so we shall see.

Hubby is fishing this weekend.. so that leaves me a single parent.. which seriously.. already tonight has become an issue.. b/c I needed gas before I head out in the morning.. and normally would do that while my counter-part stayed here.. well.. just fresh out of the tub in PJ's and wet hair.. we all went to the silly gas station to fill up..

So much laundry to do.. but thankfully was able to do my grocery shopping online last night.. and picked it up today at 1 pm.. on my way home from the first round of carpools.. I love this "Modern Age".. I would have suffered on a farm in the sticks.. with no outlets or hair dryers.. I love using my time in a smart manner.. and online grocery shopping was just the thing... to keep my head a-float this week.

Over and Out.

20% off of all purchases online till December 15th. Call or email the studio if the coupon code does not pop up online.. as sometimes it does.. and sometimes it does not.


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Anonymous said...

Are you the one who posted on my blog? :) Cute belts by the way!! I would buy one if I wasn't a College student, lol.