Friday, November 10, 2006

Junior League and the Webkinz War.

So some of my hours today were logged in at the Junior League show here in town. It is a three day event.. and normally all I can take is a one day event... good grief.

Some cute things though..

I am amazed at what the Junior League actually brought in as vendors.. some people actually flew to this event.. maybe I am out of the loop on this.. but I had no idea the Junior League could draw in these big names.. but there we are.. like cattle hauking the wares of our souls to buyers...


Girls are playing with their Webkinz. If you have little people in your house and do not have a Webkinz.. I do not know what to tell you.. It has been a blessing and a curse. I think once they "get" the computer end of it.. it will be the cheapest babysitting I ever spent.. but this whole "learning curve" stage is about to drive me nuts.

"Mommy can you "log" me in to Webkinz?"

The fact that my children say "log me in" is just the hillarious to me..

Good night.

I need to do a whole mess of stuff that was put on hold today.. I can not wait to fall into bed later though.. I am sooo sleepy.

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