Friday, October 13, 2006

Where Are You My Love?

I can not find the middle dress pictured online at J. Crew.. Is this lovely piece just not there?.. I swear I looked everywhere online.


Anonymous said...

It's actually sold out at the moment. It's item number 77740L if you type that in on the site. I warn you though, it's $650!!!

Cindy said...

I really like your taste in clothing! Would you mind telling me where the zebra-print skirt(the one you wore for "1st day of school" on the site) was purchased. My 18-year old daughter looovvvved it!

Cindy said...
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jennifer m. said...


$650.00 it is lovely though.

jennifer m. said...


skirt.. believe it or not.. it is from

White House/Black Market. approx. 2 years ago or so.. maybe even three.

thanks for noticing. that day i ran out of the house with no time for hair or makeup..except for lipstick.

Sugar said...

I saw this dress when it was available and loved it. But the price I thought was crazy. Where are all these people that bought a J. Crew dress for $650?