Wednesday, October 11, 2006

MIA: The Turtle

We have (had) 2 little little turtles since the weekend of the (July)4th. We have them in a little tank in the girl's room. We laugh and tell them when it is time to go to bed it is time for "Turtle TV".

Last night I noticed one is missing. He/she is missing now for two days somewhere in the house. GREAT.

I have a turtle somewhere in the house. I do not like this idea. AT ALL.

Sorry for the lack of post. Progress reports are due next week so averages need to graded. Also very busy these days at Preppy Potato headquarters. Trying to stay ahead of the "game". Getting ready for some major Trunk Shows.. and one Industry Show.



Lisagh said...

Yikes! Good luck finding the turtle... maybe you should borrow a cat. That would probably do the trick. They're like the Magnum P.I.'s of the domestic animal set!

jilly said...

My sister and her family have had a little turtle for just over a year. What kind of a "tank" do you have them in because this time of year they try to hibernate and most likely will unless you have a heat lamp on them, but they realize that the days are getting shorter and they do try to go down under.

jilly said...

Did you find the turtle? Or get a cat? I have been thinking about this lost turtle since I read this and shared with my sister who then reminded me about the frog they lost in the house earlier this spring and the lizard that had met his demise on their return from Jamaica in April (in my defense, they have a dog, two cats, a turtle, three hermit crabs and fish and the lizard was not on my "pets to feed" list).

jennifer m. said...

no turtle yet.