Monday, October 16, 2006

The Weather.

Yup. It has resulted to this. I am blogging about the weather. Down here one can never tell when the weather has "turned". Sometimes we get a "cold front" followed by a day in the 70's. It is strange and lovely all at the same time.

It smells like the weather has decided to become "winterish". It smells like a pile of wood outside. It is cold and crisp. My girls were wearing flip flops last week and now it is at the very least long shirts and pants, and today I got out the coats for the first time.

We even turned on the gas fireplace... which really lets out some heat. It even "looks" cold outside. It is grey and the colors of the leaves are looking a little less golden.. and a lot more dead.


We (our house) was "Boo'd" today. Do you all have that as a neighborhood tradition?... Once you get your "Special Spooky Treats".. you place the ghost photo on your door.. and "return the favor" within 48 hours to someone else in the neighborhood.

Speaking of the 31st.. We have not even narrowed down costumes yet for the girls.. I am so behind the eight ball.

Ok. Over an Out.

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sparky said...

i'd actually like to know more about this neighborhood tradition you are talking about. by the way, this is beth's sister in law. love your blog!