Sunday, October 15, 2006

Junior. Does it mean Smaller?

I went to this store this weekend. Not a usual stomping ground.. however, I had an hour to myself yesterday.. so I wandered around in our ever changing mall.

My girls in my Design class love this store.. so I had to check out the hype.

This rather large Junior who was on the welcoming crew was folding her logo T-shirts.. I saw her out of my crook eye check me out. I blow it off and wander over to the other side of this very cheeeeeaaaaappp store.

Miss Junior T-shirt Folder.. walks up to me and goes.. "this is a Junior store.".. (like I could not tell this with the Dr. Seuss shirts lining the wall). She continues.. "So if you NEED to try on pants.. you should go up a size or two.

Literally, folks there was maybe 2 teeny boppers in this store that I would call Junior size.. the rest had more meat on their bones and more curves than 3 of me put together.

So here is my question.. What does Junior mean?

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spymum said...

I would have thought it meant pre-teens and teens, with reference to styles, fashion fads and price of clothing!

There are tween-agers of all shapes and sizes, particularly in America where kids are very tall! (I wish I were tall!)

IMHO, that Junior was being a tad 'over helpful'!