Sunday, September 10, 2006


As we move into the "season of giving".. yes it is right around the corner... my thoughts move toward giving back through my desings.

I think we are going to pick a design or two and give a percentage of the proceeds in October for the fight against breast cancer. I want to pick someone in the community.. a mom or someone and give the funds to a specific family in need that is dealing with this struggle. I think fighting this disease can start in your own back yard... and I am just in deep thought about this as of late.

My other platform in November and December is picking a family, again... locally and take on the task of buying gifts for the children within the family.. again with the proceeds from several designs. We are going to be offering four

I say all this not to be lofty.. but rather maybe some of you have a story or an idea of a charity you support. I would welcome any ideas you have.. I also think if you speak your ideas.. or in my case.. write them out... it provides a bit of "accountability".. instead of a thought that dances through my mind and then leaves..


This idea of helping people... is close to my heart.. as my mom was very ill when I was growing up... and still deals with her disease.. and at one point my sister and I lived with another family (for over a year) who took care of us while my mom was in the hospital.. and my dad had to work on the road a lot. We were taken care of by this loving family.. and I remember a lady in our church... made it her "job" to buy my sister and I the best stockings filled with all these little items one Christmas ... it made the biggest impact on my life.. and have always remembered the kindness of this "stranger".


Just deep in thought tonight. :-)

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Sugar said...

I think that is a wonderful thought Jen. I have a very dear friend dealing with breast cancer, she has been very ill and has 5 young children. She is a great wife and mom and it has been very difficult to see her husband and children worry how long she will be with them. As well as see her deal with that. Reaching out to others usually blesses you more than they. My mom has always said if you reach out to a child even if only once and even if no one else in their life has done that, they will remember that kindness and pass it on. She is so right. That particular cause is close to my heart at this time. Also charities that support abused women and children need our support. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. My friend's blog is