Friday, September 08, 2006

HTML....ooohhh so exciting.

Does one need to know HTML .. or even create it to customize your blog. I wanted to make my header just a little more special.. and I just have no idea how to do it.

Anyone out there that knows of a free source to sprooooooce it up around here a bit.

Ahhh... Friday. I love Friday's...


Monogram Momma said...

as one blogger put it, I no speako the html-o. Somehow I just played around and worked up different colors. Of course, now I'm afraid to touch the template. Anyway, if you go to the blogger dashboard, you can type in the search for help from blogger such as "customize template" or "template colors" and it will give you basic formula's to add in and change. Good luck!

EthidiumBromide said...

You don't really need to know much HTML. On my blog, I used a bit.. but if you want to spruce up your own header, create a banner in Photoshop the same size as what you have now at the top, save it to a free photohosting site, like photobucket, and then just stick the link in where the header would go. If that doesn't make sense and you need a hand, I can try to help you out... I learned a lot about it when I designed the new template for my own blog.