Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Passion. Smassion

People ask me from time to time how I started what I do. There is not a simple single answer for them. I think your if you pay attention to your life, your passions will surface.

I came across a great survey from a book.. (which is not in this room..Otherwise I would post it..sorry).. The passage I read last night was about a successful man. At least at every angle he "looked" successful.. but he was miserable. He came to a crossroads in his life, and decided to send out 7-8 questions to the people that knew him best...when he received the heartfelt answers back..there was a common thread. He checked out of his job, cashed out of his savings...and started down a different path..out-earning what he had done before.

Questions like:

1. What is my best tallent? What am I really bad at?

2. When have you seen me at my happiest in life?

3. What job do you see me being fulfilled at? name a few.

I think that is food for thought. I have a lot of friends who would like to be doing "something different".. or "something" at all. And life has a set of it a child's health.. or finances..ect.. but this is what is on my mind at 6 am in the I get everyone ready..and out the door by 7...

One other thing.. success.. how you define it.. I think.. dictates the choices you make...


Ok.. lightening up.. my new buddy, jan, from poppy talks (see link to the left) said some nice things about me today.. check it out if you get a chance.


jilly said...

The book sounds like it would be a really good read, do you have the name of it and would you mind sharing it? Thanks!

poppy said...

yes i'm curious now too - the other questions.....
and thanks for the mention!