Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Because you asked..

Here is the book title. My friend let me borrow it one day..and 6 mos. later.. I still have it. Martha Stewart has a book called .. I believe.. "The Rules"...which I have heard is really good.

The premise is to locate "it".

Title: "It"
Author: Paula Froelich.

(she is a celebrity and gossip writer for the New York Post.. page 6)

I am super interested in people that have "it". Or what makes other people believe you have "it". She(author)strongly believes people are "created stars.. not born stars"... and so she lays out this "road map" for success. What makes her the expert? Who knows.. maybe she has "it". :-)


Here is an exact excerpt for the book (page 23). It is the questionnaire mentioned that this "successful man" distributed to his friends for feedback.

*What are my best qualities?

*What are my worst?

*What are some things I do better than anyone else?

*Besides karaoke, are there some things I think I am good at, but really not?

*What can I do that no one else can do?

*When you need help from me, what do you call me for?

*If you could pick the perfect (legal, please_ career for me, what would it be and why?

*When have you seen me happiest, career-wise?


It is the kind of book that if you are in carpool.. or if you have a moment while taking a bath (you goddess you).. that you can read through in a minute...real simple..sort of pick it up one time kind of book.

The challange: Are you up for one? Send this out to people..see what they say.. it may surprise you.. I think sometimes women put their passions and interests on hold during the "baby decade" and kind of drift in and out of sort of "feeling lost".

We are living in a day and age that you can do more than one thing. You can be at home and pursue other interests... As much a I love being a mom.. the hardest time in my life was right after I gave birth to my first daughter.. b/c besides nursing her 24/7 for what seemed like eternity.. my existence was "small" in so many ways.

Ok.. enough with the soap box..


School started for me today... and I feel like I am in a fog. One Design class.. followed by 3 Latin classes. I have used all my spoken words for the day.. nope.. nope.. nobody can talk to me right now.. I am done. well done.

later tators.

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jilly said...

Thanks for the title, I just ordered it from Amazon, it looks really interesting and the questions are great. If nothing else, it is great topic of conversation and is something to think about! Thanks again!