Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Edit. Talented Beyond Years.

Those of us bloggers know that when you want to change your template.. you loose your links.

So I was in the mood for a change.. didn't like the change I made.. and then *poof* my links are gone.. and I had to re-do them.. of coarse I forgot some people (sorry will add back).. but I wanted to mention the one NEW blog I added.

When I look into this girl's face (she is my student) I see such talent. She possesses confidence and grace.. and she OWNS who she is. She expresses herself better than most adults I know.. and does actually "see" the world through an artistic lense.

I have taught for over 10 years in the classroom.. and every now and again.. you meet a student who you KNOW will go on to greatness. She is one of them.

Being a teacher, gives me a platform. I use it each day.. never taking for granted the job I have.. after being a mom.. it is really what has defined me for a long long time..

So now and again.. visit Linden Street.. it is right around the corner.. up from Design Blvd...and at the corner of Talent Ave.


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