Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Darling Mummy

So my super cool "Mommy Friend" passed this site along to me.

I had to laugh at some of these T-shirt designs. Posted above is my favorite. There is serious talk about "minvans" around here at this house. I was all a stink at first.. but my husband and children are wearing me down. The cool factor. I just think I am too cool for a minivan.. I swear... it just boils down to this plain fact.


People Magazine Online..update ( if you care ).. somewhere on or near the week of the 22nd.. so I hear.. My friend who designs a line of jewelry is going to be featured too.


My oldest is having her Junior Science class after school today.. The "theme" of the little class is ooze.. goop..and slime. I wonder what will come home this afternoon..last week it was yellowish-green slime. yes.. it "oozed" out onto my carpet.. luckily it came off.. :-)

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