Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lots of Lessons

The amount of lessons I have learned in creating preppy potato are astonishing. Lets me see.

1. how to price a product
2. how to market a product
3. how to hire a rep. (cough* fire one too)
4. quick books 101 (um.. so not an expert here yet)
5. taking a professional photos and understanding the degrees of light
6. creating my own website
7. trade shows 101
8. hire PR
9. sending PDF's (remember when I took "keyboarding" in junior high.. well we won't go there..b/c that so dates me.. but let's just say no one I knew even in college had a computer of their own. Soo to send a PDF.. well.. I had to figure it out.. and now I am such a master of this art.

10. deal with time tables.. as in my Spring Portfolio is due Sept. first. And I will have created Fall 2007 by the end of December of this year.

I went to school for Education. I can teach a 6th grader the ins and outs of direct objects.. how to diagram a compound sentence. I can organize a graduation, a Science fair, a field trip.. I can sit through parent teacher conferences for 8 hours straight..I can teach a student the first three declensions of a noun in Latin.. but I swear.. operating your own "thing" is quite weird and sometimes strange... and I tend to be niave in the ways of the world. I use to send packages out COD to boutiques and then would be "surprised" when oops.. their check bounced. I use to bend over backwards when a boutique called up and needed the product the next day. I use to just trust people. There is this side to me.. and quite frankly will always assume the best in people. It bites me in the butt from time to time.. but I generally think still to this day.. that people do not mean any harm.. What is wrong with me..

I think I am going to write a book about what not to do. :-)


Jessica Nell said...

Actually, a book would be a great idea. There are so many female upstarts out there, or girls with a great idea that just don't know how to get it out to the world. I say do it!

jennifer m. said...


need to come up with a good title. maybe i should make it available via PDF.. haha..

anyway.. i think i need to consider this.

check out my links..:-)