Monday, July 17, 2006

Trying To Send a File

I am about to friggin have a melt down. All weekend I worked on our new line sheet. One spread sheet that contains swatches of all fabrics.. followed by our wholesale information. I thought.. one simple file that will contain all information that will be helpful for my great reps. And it will also be easy to send a file to all buyers when they become interested in our products...and they can send this file to their contacts and accounts. Streamline. Modern. Beautiful. And we save the trees..b/c no paper being waisted.

This is not a novel concept. People do this all the time.

So I take my lofty idea on Sunday..and create a line sheet in Apple Works. My husband comes in (the MAC guru).. and not do it in Apple Works no one will be able to "read" it. They can if they have a MAC..but I can not count on that.

Ok..that stinks seeing it was 100% completed in a spread sheet in Apple Works. Take one for the team I will start over.

Microsoft Excel. I have this on my my husband tells me.

Ok.. I will make it in a spread sheet on Excel.. then people will be able to read it right. WRONG.

I send it..all pretty all organized.

No one can open up my hard work. What the heck am I doing wrong.

Ok. My friend says.. save it as a PDF. That is Universal. Send it as a PDF. Ok. Did that. Do you think people can read it.. surely you say..this worked. After what should have taken... Oh one to two hours... consummed my night and my energy.

I have 50% success. Half of my reps can read it..half can not.

Do not is too large..b/c it is not.. I send it in an appropriate size email as to not crash anyones incoming mail.

If there is any computer genius out there..and you have a helpful solution.. I would appreciate it.



SLC said...

I'm FAR from an expert, but I've had the same problem with respect to sending and receiving Excel spreadsheets to & from Mac to PC. If you are emailing from Mail, when you select the attachment, there is a little box & phrase at the bottom of the Finder screen that says "Send Windows Friendly Attachments". That USUALLY lets anyone (Mac or PC users)read your Excel file.

SLC said...

Also, everyone should be able to read a .pdf file. If the recipient doesn't have Adobe, they can go to the Adobe website and download a free reader which should enable them to read any .pdf file. (notice how the words "should" and "usually" are used very often in describing computer usage??) ;-)