Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Orientation and Other Info

So my day started at 4:30 this morning b/c my little one woke up coughing and I never fell back asleep after she did.. so I am soo sleepy right now my eyes are beginning to cross.

Today has gone like this:

1. up at 4:30
2. out the door for Teacher Orientation at 8:30 till 1 pm today
3. picked other child up from a sleep over at 1:30
4. back home and barely functioning.

During this time I managed to talk with my PR firm.. and my manufacture and send up polka dot belts (roughly 5 styles) to In Style Magazine... for a story they are doing on .. you guessed it polka dots. This is a crap shoot as you never know if your item will get picked.. but here is to hoping for good things to happen.

Well.. I tell you I "managed to do this".. makes it sound like it was easy... these types of things are never easy. First.. I needed to locate samples that went to Market. I needed to find out if they were sent back to the studio or still at their original destination. Located package.. will re-route them..

Then I wanted to "add" to the selection".. and ask my manufacture to bump this small order ahead of what is already scheduled for production that day..sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.. plus I need to take an inventory account..to see of what they are requesting I already have in stock and ready to make...

I did all this while at Teacher Orientation is going on and I am getting the "What are you doing look from my administrator".. but it is all good in the hood I guess.


The Charlotte Observer is running a small blurb on me in the "Style Section" on Friday..and for whatever reason.. I did not get an important email from them yesterday asking for higher resolution photos for the piece... Well folks.. I don't know how to do this and they needed it like an hour ago.. so I am waiting from them to get back with me about getting the images to them later today when my hubby gets home and can send them a few.

Several of my reps are up in Seatle at their annual sales meeting for the "larger line" they pretty much all sell. I think b/c I have a group of them who now represent some of the same stuff.. they have managed to talk a handful of other reps across the country to take on my line.. which is great news..b/c I need to expand the horizon so to speak.


On a different note.. I have been thinking about attending the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando as a Vendor in January.. but the decision needs to happen now.. and I am nervous about taking the leap b/c of the cost... so this is weighing heavy on my mind these days.


And for any of you who read this blog and visit my website from time to time... yours truely updated it this weekend after a long tutorial from my husband.. but I am pretty pleased with the results.. and have actually been quite busy b/c I have a sale going on right now.. so check it out over at www.preppypotato.com


Off to the pool here in a minute to hang with my two little girls for the rest of the afternoon.. it is crazy hot these days.. and we need to cool off.


Lisagh said...

The refreshed preppypotato site looks amazing and I LOVE the Canterbury collection! Such a creative and innovative combination of your signature fabrics and leather - bravo! Just working on reducing my own waistline so I can order one day (smile!)

jennifer m. said...

hi girl. it is good to hear from you. i miss running over to your blog on a daily basis. when you getting back up and running?

thanks for the encouragement. it really was an idea i had a ways back.. and i really hope people respond.. i think they will..

hope all is well.