Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who's Your Himbo?

My new "thing" is freedom and a little bit of time. Which allows me to actually spend the morning in the studio if I want to. Today the "Today Show" was on while I was working..and they had a segment about the famous men who are "arm candy" of really powerful know the "Himbo". Sort of a role reversal so to speak.

So my question is ... Who would your "Himbo" be?..

(Sorry Matthew..I can even for sure say you would fall into this category..well...the picture was just too good to pass up. :-))


homedaisy said...

hey, he's mine! you stole mine. ya cheater!

homedaisy said...

oh, i see, you're calling my man ditsy? we need to talk :)

jennifer m. said...

I KNEW you would read this..I did it for "true" stealing here..hahahaha

..Like you said..this man has done some drugs..(well..we do not know that for sure..true..but we have a hunch...)

Lisagh said...

1. Josh Holloway from Lost
2. John Corbett from Northern Exposure.