Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Because My Name is Not Kate

Well..I know some people scramble to buy anything and everything that has a "logo". I just have never really been into that. One reason..well..I am poor..haha..well..not poor..but all my I have stated before... is tied up in either education or my business.

I know some people who buy this stuff just b/c so and so has it.. or for whatever reason it makes them feel better.

I tend to be in the middle on this. I CAN NOT bring myself to go to Walmart and buy clothing..but I will go to Target all day long. My favorite shop is J.Crew for clothes and Anthropology for all the fun linens and house trinkets. I could do serious damage in both of these stores. I love nice shoes and the rest of the female population.. I have a nice watch..and I am usually put together..however I buy cheap sun glasses...and have never bought a purse that costs over $200.00 for myself. I love a good bargain but am not purchases do not define me.

When I was single I use to buy more for myself. I sometimes wonder why that was..maybe nobody was asking me what I bought and why. My nails were ALWAYS done.. I think it was me who changed...I had more saving for "our" house..or paying off my student loan. I don't know.

I undersand quality and have been "burned" on the occational "looks to good to be true" two for one. You know the..that "feels like cotton" shirt I had to have. But on the reverse..I have been in J.Crew and thought..friggin..$350 for a wool bag..are you kidding know..or the designer label that washed up and feel apart.

I think I am saying part of me really turned practical..b/c at the end of the day my white Lacoste shirt went into the wash with all the towels..I made a mental note of it..and then come time for the dryer cycle to begin..the kids are fussing..the phone is ringing..and in goes the $80 shirt and it is now a 5T..and looks great on my daughter. Life changes.


Chloe said...

What gets me is the LV logo on the bags - urgh! I'm with you on the JCrew, I'm addicted and cannot keep out, but I will not spend more than $200 on a bag. Sometimes you just gotta find that balance!

jennifer m. said...

you know..and that is not to say I do not like logos...and I think if I was truely in a position of lots of "fun money"..I think my taste would change..and I may indulge more...but I think I have been around one tooo many women in my life that really find their value in their personal possessions...or they are shopping because they are bored.

Hey shopping gives me a rush too..and I love cute things..heck..I am in the business of selling accessories..but I also understand the price it takes to produce in the US...and the price it costs J.Crew to produce something in the vast volume that they produce in..overseas..some of the pricing structure is slightly off..but they want to make money too..

Sorry for the soap box. I guess I have strong feelings on a subject that is typically fun.

Over and out.