Thursday, June 29, 2006

When Blue and Pink Cost You Big

Sometimes I am amazed at the nails you bite to get a job done right. I ordered the blue paisley fabric for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority out of the University of Florida. They put together a good size order of 83 tote bags. Custom name it. My fabric supplier shipped the pink. Well, the pink is cute..but:

1. Kappa did not order this fabric.
2. It looks stupid with navy strap and bottom

It is obvious by the sales purchase order that I was not in the wrong.

Now, you say..are there steps to insure that the bags are moving along correctly. Yes. I told the tote bag people to expect 21 yards of blue and green paisley. I did all the trouble shooting on this end which included an email to the plant manager of the tote manufacture, to call me when the fabric came in. No call. I then emailed him for a photo proof in which I was told would cost me an additional $48.00. Which to then he stated....this is really not necessary..I have it under control..we have done this before...and they are going to look great. This from a man who has called me when he thought a shade of red "was off" in a previous order.

Total emails: 7
total calls: 2

Today I received 83 tote bags in the above pink WRONG fabric. The fabric people will claim only 1/3 of the responsibility. The tote people..well they have not gotten back with me.

Looks like my great sale will result in the negative. I am willing (well not willing) to claim 1/3 of the responsibility b/c I did not buy the friggin sample... I cringe even at that... but I feel business is buisness...and although "not fair".. I will suck up the $500 loss. I hope the tote people do what is right given I have placed sizeable orders with them in the past..cross your fingers on this one..b/c I could just about throw up.

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