Thursday, June 29, 2006

In Case You Do Not Believe Me

Hi Jennifer

We can do that but we would have to charge you for a pre-production sample,
which is $45.00. I don't think it's necessary that we do one, I think we
have all the details down.

Natural Tote with outside pocket.
Navy Bottom and navy handles (fabric ran on cotton webbing)
Paisley liner (you supplied)
Hem is to the outside.
64 Monogrammed Kappa Full Block Navy Outside pocket
19 Monogrammed Kappa Exec. Full Block Navy Outside pocket


Yes..this is the last email I got before the bags went out. We had a quick conversation on the phone. I mentioned the blue and green fabric looking great with the navy straps.. He said no problem.. consider it done. He is on vacation now.

Lesson #50000 for me: follow up every phone conversation with a figgin email so you have a paper trail.

Lesson #50001 for me: trust yourself..when you ask for a sample photo.. get one. just because someone is nice and is confident and has not made a single mistake yet in the past..does not mean a sticking thing right now. right now the customer is never right.

Lesson #50002 for me: just because you did your not ever consider it "job done"...hahahahaha..seriously..nothing is ever done until the check is in the bank..and your client is happy.

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