Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where Does the Time GOOOO?

So I have been kind of busy today. And I am exhausted. Remember I said my husband is never really gone..never really travels?..well..I guess this month is the exception. He and his best friend are off to Germany tonight. My husband is doing "European Delivery" on his new car..and he is SOOO excited.

I have a conference all day tomorrow and will be out of the house/studio come 6:30 AM..I am a guest speaker at the "Ladies Who Launch" conference. ( It is about 2 hours away..and I need to be there by 9 AM. So I have a babysitter all day..who I trust..but it will be a long day..and I am just tiny bit I never am gone this long during the day..

So many of new belts came via my manufacture this afternoon and I love them..just waiting for my Resort line to be shipped..and then my new ideas I recently had to materialize. I think I am on track for June 1. We will see.

Landed 4 new accounts that is always a plus. Dishes and laundry are are fed and are watching a we will be winding down here in the next hour or so..and then I am going to relax and turn in early.

Tootles everyone..and for those who have handbag envy..check out Elizabeth's handbag collection courtesy of What a hoot..

Will post later...oh yeah..sent up a red sash to US Weekly just now..cross those fingers.

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