Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ok..So I LOVE my manufacture. And nine times out of ten she is GOLDEN on everything. I say "she" b/c I usually deal with the owner's daughter..but it is really a whole team of people...

Anyway..Why is it...that the only ones that ever have problems are the monogram belts. We got the kinks on the placement of the monogram out...and the quality is always fantastic..and this may not even be her problem..I do not know..I am just mad. I am getting an order back today and I am just mad.

Maybe it is nobody's fault..maybe it is mine. Maybe it is just a learning process thing. Bottom line the belt are too short for the girl..it is a sizing thing..I know this..but let's get it right. Let's make sure it is the size they want..it just sucks that it was a monogram belt (4 of them) that I have to redo..and resend.

I am a perfectionist..I want it done right the first time...

I am a cry baby today.


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