Monday, May 15, 2006

Say What?

My husband flew home yesterday from for the morning the girls and I went up to his grandparent's church..and then out to lunch. We all piled into my mother and father in law's SUV..and went along our merry way. The girls were playing and singing and laughing..and then all of a sudden my oldest says:

"Nana, Do you know what my mommy says...(my face gets white..b/c I can just tell this might not be "good")..she says that if you want me to do gymnastics..that you can take me..and pay for me to do it."

I wish I had not said that to her..but the truth is.. I did. My MIL from time to time tells me to get her into music lessons, art lessons, Brownies, piano lessons, ballet, name a few. I have signed my children up for one week of "Day Camp" this summer..but I do not know how to communicate to her that during the "school year" when I teach..I just do not feel like I need to spread myself more thin by carting them off to this and that.

I love summer. I love hanging out with my children at the pool. I love it. I love them..and we spend all of our time together in the summer. I just want to do that. I will hire a babysitter for two morning a week so that I can get some "design and business stuff" done..but other than that..we just hang out.

Maybe I have watched women get strung out on carpooling their children here and there all year long..It really just makes me sick. Let the kids be kids..just let them play on their "off time". Toooo soon they will plunge into their studies and sports in school... Maybe it is because as a child..I was not "over-scheduled" and entertained non stop.

Just a thought..but what I have learned is to keep my mouth shut... Lesson learned. :-)

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