Friday, May 05, 2006

Little People Love Trash

I swear...every now and again I will go through old art work and the likes..I secretly place it in the trash..and then nine times out of ten..they find their long lost and oh so beloved art work from the year 2002 and really pitch a fit as to why it is there?

How could you mom?...That was my favorite master piece. I made it for you..Don't you remember?

Nothing like a slice of guilt while I am trying to be tidy.

What is the deal with trash and little people. It has become this "thing" at my house. Mind you they have a play room with a computer table, a "house castle thing" from pottery barn, a play table with toy compartments on the floor which rests their doll house and horse stables. A book shelf full of books, games, and puzzles, a rocking horse, 2 toy boxes, and multiple plastic bins against the wall full of polly pockets, Groovy girls..and the likes...and yet they bee line to the trash to see "what goodies await them".

What is up with my children?

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