Monday, April 03, 2006

Eggs for Dinner

This is what my two little girls ate for dinner. Eggs..well. Eggs and bananas..not together in one bowl..but that is healthy..and so I am fine with it.

Sounds gross to me..but they seem content..actually my little one wanted sprinkles on her that is what she got. Weird..but I started this whole "sprinkle thing" back in the day when I couldn't get her to eat I would put those "colored sugar cookie things" on top of name it in whatever color she wanted..and now..she is a sprinkle addict.

So off went the belts to Shape..I think there are over 95 items up in "editor world" in New York. Everyone wants them "tomorrow" ..and then you never hear for like a month..or even more..or even better they end up in the "sample closet" never to be returned..and no one knows anything..and that is fine..b/c if they did I believe they would say something. I just am so glad I have had these samples..and that my manufacture will run a sample up at no extra charge to me..literally could call me and tell me you are some editor and I will just send them off..

Belts went off and belts came 2 out of the 5 I sent to Teen Vogue back today..?..random things like this.

My studio is a disaster..the sewing machine was out so there is string everywhere..product on the floor getting ready for an event at a country club here in fantastic pile of invoices..and oh yeah one check came in..whoohoo..I could tell you a tale or two about the people shops..that just do not pay...or pay when they want..which is fantastic.

but I won't..not now..

I am not blog worthy yet..but I hope to be..and thanks to Elisabeth at ..she was the first to mention us on her blogroll...I am so grateful..

Off to clean the egg pan.


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christine said...

Three readers!

Good for you for finding the time to do this on top of all the rest.
Thanks for the laughs!

And I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself when my kids eat eggs and bananas, sprinkles or no sprinkles! That's a big win for mom at our house :)