Monday, April 03, 2006

4:09 am and other things on my mind

So I was just reading my blog today..right now I am the only one..well..maybe two others that know about this...haha..and I noticed the time for my last post states 4:09 for those of you (the 2 of you) who were wondering if I was getting my children up for school today at 4 am..well..the answer is no. I wonder why the time is off?

So I am trying with not much luck as of get onto the LPGA tour as a vendor. I am hoping to get at the Wachovia..since it is in driving distance of my house..I want this very badly..b/c it would be great exposure and so easily done. I have yet to make contact with anyone who know anything..and the just a voice 3 of them that I left. I think I need to take a different approach.

Does anyone hate to "cold-call" as much as I do?

Well..Self Magazine is doing a July spread on we are sending items out today to get the possible spot in the magazine..these things suck..this PR..I like it..and I feel like it is a necessary evil...but I want to land a couple of good spots...b/c in the end..if it doesn't generate cash in the forms of sales...who the heck cares if model X is wearing one of my belts...yes it would be nice to frame..but what is the deal?

bye for now..more when inspired.

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