Thursday, July 24, 2008

etsy search problem

i posted some info on two necklaces the other day. is there like this super hard way to search on etsy that i do not know about. the designer is named cate holts. i swear. unless my dyslexia has kicked in and i transposed the letters of the last name.. who knows. anyway. she is on there. and i can not for the life of me find her now.

for some reason safari and firefox will not let me directly link these days..


i have decided to showcase one more designer that i dig from etsy.. but this time include their shop header.. to avoid any search problems in the future... drum roll.

(the last letter in the name is a capital Q)

she re-works vintage items. i think she has some adorable stuff. now if you can not find her.... who knows...

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Randall said...

Well, at least I know now I'm not losing my Etsy-mind... I couldn't find Cate either. Too bad, I loved the necklaces!